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I thought I should let you know about a new application that recently appeared in the iTunes App Store called iMoleBuilder (iTunes link). It is a $12.99 molecular visualizer that also lets you construct molecules and save them to the device or an available FTP site.

Read on for more of my impressions of this application.

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I apologize for going a little quiet both here and on Twitter for the last couple of weeks. I've been preparing for the Printed Electronics USA 2008 conference, where I'll be exhibiting SonoPlot's Microplotter robots in booth 25. If you happen to be in San Jose at the show today, please stop by and say hello.

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Earlier today, I submitted version 1.3 of Molecules for review in the iTunes App Store. The major new feature that this version adds is the ability to download custom molecular structures. For those of you who can't wait, the source code has been updated .

Again, I apologize for the delay in providing a new version. I'm working on a new iPhone application that I hope to unveil within the next couple weeks and it is taking most of my available time.

Read on for more information about this version.

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to write an article about the educational applications of Molecules for the RCSB Protein Data Bank's fall newsletter. That article is now online, and I think it came out well. It's worth reading if you're interested in my thoughts about the scientific and educational applications of the iPhone / iPod Touch.

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