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Earlier today, I submitted version 1.3 of Molecules for review in the iTunes App Store. The major new feature that this version adds is the ability to download custom molecular structures. For those of you who can't wait, the source code has been updated .

Again, I apologize for the delay in providing a new version. I'm working on a new iPhone application that I hope to unveil within the next couple weeks and it is taking most of my available time.

Read on for more information about this version.

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to write an article about the educational applications of Molecules for the RCSB Protein Data Bank's fall newsletter. That article is now online, and I think it came out well. It's worth reading if you're interested in my thoughts about the scientific and educational applications of the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Trackball rotation sample

UPDATE 2: Perspective rendering has been added: see below for the details.
UPDATE: 3-D scaling using pinch gestures has been added: see below for the details.

Recently, Bill Dudney posted a sample iPhone application that used Core Animation and a concept called a trackball to rotate an object in 3-D space using a finger as input. I actually use a different method of rotation within Molecules, so I thought I'd modify his sample to use that rotation.

That modified example iPhone application can be downloaded here.

Read on for more detail on this rotation technique

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UPDATE: iPhoneLive has been postponed. That's a real shame, because I was looking forward to meeting many people there.

I have been given the opportunity to present at the upcoming O'Reilly iPhoneLive conference on November 18, 2008, in San Jose, CA. My presentation will be on OpenGL ES for the iPhone.

This conference promises to be fascinating, as it is one of the first, if not the first, iPhone meeting after the lifting of the NDA. The list of presenters is very solid.

I've been asked to remind anyone who's interested that early registration closes October 14. If you use the registration code ip08gd20, you can get in for 20% off.

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