December 2008

Molecules icon

Now that I'm back from the holidays, all immediate issues are taken care of here at work, and iTunes Connect is back up, I've submitted version 1.3.1 of Molecules for review (and updated the source code. This is a bugfix version, addressing the recent crashes when trying to search the Protein Data Bank. The PDB servers stopped responding to one half of the search query I was sending, which was a condition I had not anticipated, and Molecules would crash as a result. Unfortunately, until they fix the server response, the search results will no longer list the titles of molecules.

I apologize for any problems this has caused. I was stupid not to anticipate this kind of response.

iMoleBuilder logo

I thought I should let you know about a new application that recently appeared in the iTunes App Store called iMoleBuilder (iTunes link). It is a $12.99 molecular visualizer that also lets you construct molecules and save them to the device or an available FTP site.

Read on for more of my impressions of this application.

Printed Electronics 2008 Logo

I apologize for going a little quiet both here and on Twitter for the last couple of weeks. I've been preparing for the Printed Electronics USA 2008 conference, where I'll be exhibiting SonoPlot's Microplotter robots in booth 25. If you happen to be in San Jose at the show today, please stop by and say hello.