Protein Data Bank not working?

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Hi, I am a college organic chemistry student - first allow me to thank you for this wonderful app that is truly helpful to science professors and students alike. That being said, I am experiencing a slight problem with the Protein Data Bank; it appears that any search I do for any protein comes up immediately as "no results" regardless of what I type in. This is odd because just a few days ago, it was working just fine. Is this a problem with the server? Or might it be that I'm doing something wrong?

Also (and please forgive this question, I'm relatively inadequate when it comes to electronics), is it possible to move PDB files directly from my computer into my iPod via SSH or some other similar mechanism? I looked around the forum and I found one other post similar to this question but the answer was not so clear cut. Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work in developing this app - it works wonders for helping visualize enzymes and other biological molecules.


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Glad you like it.

I just tried searching the PDB from my iPhone and iPad and both returned results. What is the exact query that is failing for you?

As far as getting your own structures onto the device, currently the only way to do this is to place it on some accessible server and either send yourself the URL to that file via email or enter the URL manually in the application. For the iPad, I will be adding drag-and-drop file addition in the next update, but the iPhone / iPod currently lack the ability to do this. I'm working on another solution for them.

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