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I purchased the full verson for my iPad a few weeks ago, and everything worked. Today, the program crashes everytime on startup. Please advise how I can get the program to work. Thanks.

Brad Larson
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Sorry to hear that. What device and iOS version was this happening under? Do you recall what calculation you had been performing when it started crashing?

Unfortunately, the only way to recover from this, short of waiting for the next update, is to delete the application from your device and reinstall it from the App Store (you won't be charged a second time if you choose to download it again). However, this will delete your local library of stored equations and start fresh with the application.

I thought that I had completely eliminated this class of crash, because no one had reported it for over a year. It appeared to be due to database corruption, and I've done everything I can to prevent any of the conditions that triggered this from occurring. I wonder if something new in the OS is allowing this to happen again, although you're the first one to report this.

Again, I'm sorry, but I can't think of a better way to recover from this repeated crashing than starting from a clean install.

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