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I have just get for picubed for ipad 2. First time it worked well, but after this every time i relaunched it, the screen flashes and the program does not show. I restarted the device whithout effect. Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Brad Larson
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That doesn't sound good. I haven't seen something like this in the current version of the application, but maybe there's something that can trigger it in iOS 5.0. Are you running iOS 5.0?

In any case, was this after a fresh install, or did you do more with the application after your first use? Did you create any equations or equation categories? Did you save any calculations to the recent calculations list?

It's hard to tell what might be going wrong here, but I'll see if I can dig through the reported crash logs on iTunes Connect to find out what might be the cause. I'm working on an update, so if I can determine what's triggering this behavior, I'll get it patched in the next version.

The only immediate fix for this that I can think of is fairly extreme. If you uninstall the application from your iPad, then reinstall it from the App Store (it won't charge you a second time if you go to download it again, because it knows you bought the application already), this should clear out the problematic database. Unfortunately, this will also wipe everything you did in the application, so it will lose your current calculations and saved equations. Only do this if you're willing to lose that data.

In the meantime, I'll work on this and see if I can find a way to fix it. I'm really sorry about that.

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